Avocado only menu at Zodiac

21 | 05 | 2019 - 01 | 09 | 2019

Avocado only menu at Zodiac

Avocado only salads, soups and even desserts! 

There are about 100 varieties of avocado in the world. The chef of Zodiac Ruslan Magomedsharipov created more than 10 dishes for the new avocado menu at the Zodiac restaurant.  


On the eve of the summer, he decided to surprise the guests with the light summer flavors, unusual combinations of ingredients and interesting presentation of the dishes, which is simply impossible not to share on Instagram. The menu will please not only the lovers of pan-Asian cuisine, but also those who are fans of healthy eating. 


The main focus of the dishes is avocado: chef serves shrimp chips with guacamole, and also offers to try avocado roll with salmon, cream sauce, cucumber ketchup and avocado tartare, tuna and crunchy funchoz.

Soup sections includes traditional Korean kuksi with avocado and crab and with beef for meat lovers. If you follow special detox program before holiday season, you should try the avocado cream soup with shrimps. As a main dish, we offer light dim sum with avocado and guacamole.


You will be surprised by the new dessert — avocado ice cream and baked banana with caramel sauce. Cold lemonades, based on natural mineral water from the heart of the French Alps - Evian and mineral water of natural carbonation - Badoit, will help to refresh yourself: rose — cucumber, kafir lime and mint, birch — osmanthus flowers, orange — rosemary.


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